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KISS Grammar Tongue Twisters
Verbals - Exercise # 2
Analysis Key
A tutor [Adj. to "tutor" who tooted the flute (DO)]

tried to tutor two tooters to toot [#1]. |

Said the two {to their tutor}:

[DO of "Said" "Is it harder (PA) to toot [#2],

Or to tutor [#2] two tooters to toot [#1] ?"] |

1. "Tooters" is the indirect object of "to tutor" and simultaneously the subject of the infinitive "to toot." The infinitive phrase -- "tooters to toot" can thus be explained as the direct object of the infinitive "to tutor," and the "to tutor" phrase is the direct object of "tried."
2. The infinitives "to toot" and "to tutor" are delayed subjects to "it."