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Tongue Twisters

   These exercises should evoke a few smiles. The twisters were primarily collected from:

Fun with words at:
Tongue Twisters at:
The Tongue Twister Database at:
Mixed S/V/C Patterns
Ex # 1 AK G3 L1.3 JfF
Ex # 2 AK G6 L1.3 JfF
Ex # 3 AK G9 L1.3 JfF

Subordinate Clauses

Exercise # 1 (Assorted Short Ones) AK G5; IG4 L3.1.2 Sub Cl Mix
Exercise # 2 ("She sells seashells") AK G6 L3.1.2 Sub Cl Mix
Exercise # 3 ("Peter Piper") AK G7 L3.1.2 Sub Cl Mix
Exercise # 4 ("The Two-Toed Tree-Toad") AK - L6.7 JfF
Exercise # 5 ("How Much Wood ...?") AK G7 L3.1.3 SC Embed
Exercise # 6 (A Fly and a Flea )
     This is an excellent short, probably entertaining, review exercise. It includes ellipsed (Imperative) "you"; "so" as a coordinating and as a subordinating conjunction; infinitives as direct objects; and the interjection or direct object option for explaining clauses.
AK - L6.7 JfF
Exercise # 7 ("Which Witch" ? "A Thought") AK - L6.7 JfF
Exercise # 8 ("A Canner" ? "Recounts") AK - L6.7 JfF


Exercise # 1 {"Seven small swans" ? "She stood on the balcony") AK G8 L4.1 Verbals_Give
Exercise # 2 ("A tooter who tooted the flute") AK G8 L5.6 Delayed S
Exercise # 3 ("Doctors" ? "Menagerie Manager") AK G7 L4.1 Verbals_Mix