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Identifying Nouns and Pronouns
From Alice in Wonderland 
by Lewis Carroll
1. Underline verbs twice, subjects once.
2. Then put a circle around each noun and a rectangle around each pronoun.

1. She had succeeded in bringing herself down to her usual height.

2. "What do you mean by that?" said the Caterpillar, sternly. 

     "Explain yourself!"

3. The judge, by the way, was the King and he wore his crown over

      his great wig.

4. She waited for some time without hearing anything more.

5. Oh, my poor little feet, I wonder who will put on your shoes and 

     stockings for you now, dears?

6. "Let us get to the shore and then I'll tell you my history."

7. She looked up, but it was all dark overhead; before her was 

     another long passage and the White Rabbit was still in sight.

8. "Mouse dear! Do come back again, and we won't talk about cats, 

     or dogs either, if you don't like them!"

9. "That's the jury-box," thought Alice; "and those twelve creatures

     (some were animals and some were birds) I suppose they are 

     the jurors."

10. "It matters a good deal to me," said Alice hastily; "but I'm not 

     looking for eggs, as it happens, and if I was, I shouldn't want

     yours -- I don't like them raw."