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Recognizing the Full Verb Phrase
(Modal Helping Verbs)
Lassie, Come Home
by Eric Knight 
Directions: Underline subjects once, and verbs twice.

1. Her nose and ears would warn her of any approaching danger.

2. She must keep away from men.

3. Lassie ought to have some exercise.

4. It may live the night.

5. This two-footed animal could never catch up with her.

6. She didn't even need to put on speed.

7. Lassie did not seem to worry about Hynes.

8. She just kept on going at a steady lope, down the path, over the lawn.

9. It would be a terrible waste.

10. Only once in a while could they see a glimpse of the dog.

11. But it might need some help.