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(Code and Color Key)

Palimpsest Patterns
Lassie, Come Home, by Eric Knight 
Analysis Key

     Reminder: In palimpsest patterns, some other verb is "written over" a form of the verb "to be" or "to become."

1. Soon Hynes came hustling {from behind the shrubberies} {beside the kennels}. |

2. The dog still stood barking its signal (DO). |

3. She sat, plump and motherly [#1], looking {into Joe's face}. |

4. Her voice sounded hard (PA) and short (PA). |

5. Joe stood silent (PA). |

6. Joe sat still (PA). |

7. {For a while} Sam Carraclough sat silent (PA). |

8. [Adv. to "faced" As the one dog lay motionless (PA) {under her paw},] 

Lassie faced the other dog (DO). |

9. The grass grew thicker (PA) and coarser (PA). |

10. There came the footsteps (PN) {of her husband}, | and then the door opened. |

1. "Plump" and "motherly" are post-positioned adjectives to "She." See KISS Level 5.5 - Post-Positioned Adjectives.