The KISS Printable Books Page
Embedded Prepositional Phrases
From Lassie, Come Home
by Eric Knight 
1. Put parentheses ( ) around each prepositional phrase. Draw an arrow from each preposition to the word its phrase modifies.
2. Underline subjects once, finite verbs twice, and label complements (PN, PA, IO, DO).

1. Once, at a fork in the road, Rowlie turned his van east.

2. In the delicate membrane between those pads on the right forefoot a 

thorn was festering.

3. And certainly, in that particular village, they would have known about

any such important matter as the resale of Lassie.

4. Rowlie turned his wagon out on the road, and soon there was the steady

clop-clop of Bess's hooves on the flinty way.

5. Then, without hesitation, she struck down the road to the south.