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A Passage for Analysis
from Heidi by Johanna Spyri
Analysis Key

     You may want to remind students, before they do this exercise, that they are expected to make mistakes. This exercise includes numerous words among which the simple subjects and verbs hide.

     They started merrily {up the Alp}. | A cloudless, deep-blue sky looked down

{on them}, [Adv. (cause) to "looked" for [#1] the wind had driven away every little

cloud (DO) {in the night} ]. | The fresh green mountain-side was bathed (P) {in

brilliant sunlight}, | and many blue and yellow flowers had opened. | Heidi was

wild (PA) {with joy} and ran {from side} {to side}. | {In one place} she saw big 

patches (DO) {of fine red primroses}, | {on another spot} blue gentians sparkled

{in the grass}, | and everywhere the golden rock-roses were nodding {to her}. | 

{In her transport} {at finding such treasures [#2] }, Heidi even forgot Peter (DO)

and his goats (DO). | She ran far ahead {of him} and then strayed away off {to

one side}, [Adv. (cause) to "strayed" for the sparkling flowers tempted her (DO)

here and there]. |

1. See also KISS Level 3.2.2 - "So" and "For" as Conjunctions.
2. "Treasures" is the direct object of the verbal (gerund) "finding." The verbal phrase functions as the object of the preposition "at." If students have not yet studied prepositional phrases, they will probably be very confused by this.