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(Code and Color Key)

Single Word Verbs
from Heidi by Johanna Spyri
Analysis Key

1. Her appetite grew amazingly. |

2. Why are his eyes so fierce (PA)? |

3. Peter had a hard time (DO) {with his goats} that day [NuA]. |

4. I am {with my grandfather} again. |

5. All the perfume came {from the modest little brown flowers}. |

6. "Grandfather [DirA], our milk is the best [#1] {in all the world}." |

7. Heidi and her grandfather were back {on the Alp}. |

8. The grandfather was still {with the children}. |

9.  Peter brought the letter (DO) up {with him} next morning [NuA]. |

10. Clara is so much better (PA). |

11. The following days were happier (PA) still {for Clara}. |

12. And now I am so hungry (PA) ! |

13. Mr. Sesemann always brought many lovely things (DO) home [NuA] {with him}. |

14. Your hands are as warm (PA) {as toast} [#2] ! |

15. Heidi was always busy (PA) {with the strange child}. |

1. In cases like this, many grammarians consider "the" plus an adjective as functioning as a noun. Hence, "the best" could be considered a predicate noun here. Alternatively, "best" can be considered an adjective to an ellipsed "milk." That would make the ellipsed "milk" the predicate noun. Note that the following prepositional phrase modifies the adjective "best."
2. Some grammarians prefer to explain "as toast" as an ellipsed subordinate clause -- "as toast *is warm*." In KISS, this is an acceptable alternative explanation. Note that in either case, the second "as" construction modifies the first "as," which modifies "warm."