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(Code and Color Key)

Identifying Verb Phrases - (Tenses)
from Heidi by Johanna Spyri
Analysis Key

1. The child will have two protectors (DO) {near her}. |

2. You have been so courageous (PA) {till now}. |

3. It will be the greatest joy (PN) {of all his life}. |

4. Now the stranger would have to travel home [NuA]. |

5. Heidi had to get all her own treasures (DO) {from her room} yet. |

6. A good place has been offered (P) {to me}. |

7. I am going to send you (DO) {to the cellar}. |

8. Heidi was being lifted (P) {into the carriage}. |

9. Our Heidi used to come in [#1] {like that}. |

10. All summer [NuA] long Heidi had not been {up the mountain} {with him} 

a single time [NuA]. |

1. "In" can be considered as part of the verb phrase or as an adverb that modifies it. See KISS Level 2.1.5 - Phrasal Verbs (Preposition? Or Part of the Verb?).