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(Code and Color Key)

Adding Adjectives and Adverbs (Ex # 2)
from Heidi by Johanna Spyri
Analysis Key

Because the color codes should explain the function of most adjectives and adverbs, notes have been used only for those cases that might require explanation. (Unlike the analysis keys for most exercises, the functions of individual words within prepositional phrases are color coded here.) 

1. Heidi could hardly tear herself (DO) away {from the pretty kittens}. |

2. They both played happily {with the two graceful creatures}. |

3. Sebastian obediently pulled the dirty street-boy (DO) {after him}. |

4. The grandmama, {with her kind and loving way}, immediately befriended

the child (DO). |

5. But poor Mr. Sesemann, unfortunately [#1], did not get his answer (DO),

and had to listen {to very long-winded explanations} {of the child's character}. |

6. He has a friendly laugh (DO) and wears a gold pendant (DO) {with a

red stone} {on his thick gold chain}. |

7. The slowly setting sun was shedding a golden light (DO) {over everything}. |

8. She would look {at the beautiful pictures} and read all the stories (DO)

aloud {to Clara}. |

9. Grandmama would quietly listen and explain something (DO) here

and there. |

10. Sebastian was placing footstools (DO) {in front} {of nearly every 

armchair}, | and Miss Rottenmeier walked {with great dignity} {about the

house}, inspecting everything [#2]. |

1. Although most grammars (including KISS) explain "unfortunately as an adverb, consider how close it is to an interjection -- it interjects the writer's evaluation of the "not."
2. "Everything" is the direct object of the verbal (gerundive) "inspecting." The gerundive phrase functions as an adjective to "Miss Rottenmeier."