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Fill in the Blanks with Verbs, Adjectives or Adverbs
from Heidi by Johanna Spyri
Directions: Fill in the blanks with interesting verbs, adjectives, or adverbs.

1. A _____(Adj.)_____ girl, with _____(Adj.)_____ hair and _____(Adj.)_____

face, was _____(Adv.)_____ leaning on Heidi, whose _____(Adj.)_____ eyes 

_____(Verb)_____ with _____(Adj.)_____ delight.

2. When Clara had _____(Verb)_____ a long time at the _____(Adj.)_____

sky above and all the _____(Adj.)_____ crags, she said _____(Adv.)_____:

"I wish I _____(Verb)_____ walk round the hut to the fir-trees.

3. A _____(Adj.)_____ bunch of _____(Adv.)_____ blue gentians 

_____(Verb)_____ as if they had grown there.

4. A _____(Adj.)_____ morning breeze _____(Verb)_____ their cheeks, and

the _____(Adj.)_____ fragrance from the fir-trees filled _____(Adj.)_____

lungs with every breath.

5. Day after day the sun _____(Verb)_____ on a _____(Adj.)_____ sky, and

at night it would _____(Verb)_____ its _____(Adj.)_____, _____(Adj.)_____

light down on the rocks and snow-fields till everything seemed to 

_____(Verb)_____ like fire.

6. A _____(Adj.)_____ wind was _____(Verb)_____, which at this moment 

_____(Adv.)_____ closed the shop-door.

7. They had been sitting _____(Adv.)_____ for a few hours, _____(Verb)_____

in the beauty about them, when Heidi _____(Adv.)_____ began to long for the

spot where so _____(Adj.)_____ flowers grew.

8. Near together in _____(Adj.)_____ patches the bluebells were nodding

_____(Adv.)_____ in the breeze.

9. The _____(Adj.)_____ boy was _____(Adv.)_____ bewildered, for he 

had dreamt that the rolling-chair with the _____(Adj.)_____ cushions stood 

_____(Adv.)_____ before his eyes.

10. He had _____(Adv.)__________(Verb)_____ a _____(Adj.)_____

bunch of _____(Adj.)_____ gentians.