The Printable KISS Grammar Workbooks The KISS Workbooks Anthology

Fill in the Blanks with Verbs, Adjectives or Adverbs
from Heidi by Johanna Spyri

1. A tall girl, with light hair and rosy face, was clearly leaning on Heidi, whose dark eyes sparkled with keen delight.

2. When Clara had looked a long time at the cloudless sky above and all the rocky crags, she said longingly: "I wish I could walk round the hut to the fir-trees.

3. A beautiful bunch of wondrously blue gentians stood as if they had grown there.

4. A cool morning breeze fanned their cheeks, and the spicy fragrance from the fir-trees filled their lungs with every breath.

5. Day after day the sun shone on a cloudless sky, and at night it would pour its purple, rosy light down on the rocks and snow-fields till everything seemed to glow like fire.

6. A strong wind was blowing, which at this moment violently closed the shop-door.

7. They had been sitting quietly for a few hours, drinking in the beauty about them, when Heidi suddenly began to long for the spot where so many flowers grew.

8. Near together in big patches the bluebells were nodding gently in the breeze.

9. The poor boy was mightily bewildered, for he had dreamt that the rolling-chair with the red cushions stood again before his eyes.

10. He had carefully gathered a glorious bunch of deep-blue gentians.