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(Code and Color Key)

An Exercise on Direct Objects
from Heidi by Johanna Spyri
Analysis Key

1. Why do the mountains have no names (DO), grandfather? [DirA] |

2. Sometimes the grandfather would make small round cheeses (DO). |

3. I have never heard the name (DO) before. |

4. Heidi shook her head (DO) doubtfully {at these prospects}. |

5. Suddenly Heidi remembered all the happenings (DO) {of the previous day}. |

6. "Where are you taking the child (DO), Deta [DirA]?" |

7. The girls always spent their evenings (DO) together. |

8. She nearly made a hole (DO) {in my head} just now. |

9. That night [NuA] {at supper} Miss Rottenmeier watched Heidi (DO) constantly. |

10. Mr. Sesemann then explained the circumstances (DO). |