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(Code and Color Key)

A Focus on Indirect Objects
from Heidi by Johanna Spyri
Analysis Key

1. I shall also give you (IO) a big piece (DO) {of bread}. |

2. Heidi gave him (IO) her hand (DO). |

3. Deta gave Heidi (IO) another blow (DO). |

4. Nobody can ever show me (IO) the light (DO) again. |

5. Grandmother [DirA], I shall tell grandfather (IO) {about it}. |

6. Mother and I wish you (IO) a good-afternoon (DO). |

7. Heidi [DirA], *you* bring the goats (IO) some salt (DO). |

8. She had gone {to the housekeeper} and told her (IO) all (DO) {about Heidi}. |

9. You might bring her (IO) some soft white rolls (DO) {of bread}. |

10. The child told him (IO) now {about all the happenings} {of the day}, and

especially {about the wonderful fire}. |