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(Code and Color Key)

Mixed Complements
from Heidi by Johanna Spyri
Analysis Key

1. Grandmother [DirA], shall I read you (IO) a song (DO) {from your book} now? |

2. Why have you come down here? |

3. Suddenly the doctor raised his finger (DO). |

4. This book became her dearest treasure (PN). |

5. Miss Rottenmeier told him (IO) her fears (DO) {about Heidi's mind}. |

6. His brain got dizzy (PA). |

7. Grandmother's blindness was always a great sorrow (PN) {to the child} [#1]. |

8. Not a sound came {from the street}. |

9. My poor eyes can neither see the snow (DO) nor the light (DO). |

10. [Adv. to "was" Though his hair was grey (PA)], his face was still fresh

(PA), | and his eyes were lively (PA) and kind (PA). |

1. Alternatively, "to the child" can be explained as an adverb to "was." (Note that it could be moved to the beginning of the sentence.)