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(Code and Color Key)

Apostrophes in Contractions
from Heidi by Johanna Spyri
Analysis Key

1. I'll come next Sunday [NuA], [Adv. to will come" if I may]. |

I will
2. "I don't know [DO if he did], | but I don't think so (DO) [#1]. | 

She probably doesn't know." |

I do not; she does not
3. We'll do it (DO) tomorrow! |
We will
4. Didn't you get the teacher's warning (DO)? |
Did not; the warning of the teacher
5. He won't be cross (PA) long. |
He will not
6. I don't remember that (DO) any more. |
I do not
7. I can't read | and Peter can't do it (DO) either. |
I can not; Peter can not
8. That's right (PA). |
That is
9. Now you won't have to eat hard black bread (DO) any more {for a little while}. |
you will not
10. Now we'll go {to grandfather}. |
we will

1. People who feel that this "so" explains how and not what "I don't think" can explain it as an adverb.