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(Code and Color Key)

Apostrophes to Show Possession
from Heidi by Johanna Spyri
Analysis Key

1. {During this conversation} the grandfather's eyes had been twinkling. |

the eyes of the grandfather
2. The old man prepared a meal (DO) [Adj. to "meal" which amply satisfied

Peter's appetite (DO)]. |

the appetite of Peter
3. Heidi's tale was interrupted (P) suddenly {by a great thumping} {on the door}. |
The tale of Heidi
4. She is my only sister's child (PN). |
the child of my only sister
5. Miss Clara's companion would have to be twelve years [NuA] old (PA). |
The companion of Miss Clara
6. Clara, {on the contrary}, enjoyed her companion's society (DO). |
the society of her companion [just one]
7. Mrs. Sesemann had noticed the child's unhappiness (DO). |
the unhappiness of the child
8. The old lady's heart was filled (P) {with pity}. |
The heart of the old lady
9. The grandmama's book was carefully packed (P). |
The book of the grandmama
10. Clara's rapture {in her new life} grew greater (PA) every day [NuA], |

and she could not write enough [#1] {of the grandfather's kindly care} and 

{of Heidi's entertaining stories}. |

The rapture of Clara; of the kindly care from? the grandfather; of the entertaining stories by? [Note how "of" in the last two could change the meaning.]

1. "Enough" can be explained in at least three ways: 1.) it is a pronoun that functions as the direct object of "could write." 2.) it is an adjective that modifies an ellipsed "stuff," and the "stuff" functions ad the direct object. 3.) it is a pronoun that functions as a Noun Used as an Adverb. In this perspective, it answers the question "Could not write how much?" rather than "Could not write what?"