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(Code and Color Key)

"You" Understood
from Heidi by Johanna Spyri
Analysis Key

1. *You* Talk {to me} (IO) {about your grandfather}. |

2. Deta [DirA], *you* please wait one moment [NuA]! |

3. *You* Go in, Heidi [DirA], | and *you* [#1] fetch your bowl (DO) 

and the bread (DO). |

4. *You* Look up, Peter [DirA], | and *you* see the eagle (DO) there! |

5. *You* Sit down {beside me} | and *you* tell me (IO) all (DO) {about

yourself}. |

6. *You* Sit down | and *you* eat a big breakfast (DO) now. |

7. *You* Please give my love (DO) {to Peter and the goats} (IO)

Heidi [DirA]! |

8. *You* Keep your word (DO)! |

9. *You* Get away | and *you* bring my goats (DO). |

10. Oh [Inj], it is lovely (PA) here. | *You* Please come up

grandfather [DirA], | and *you* see it (DO) {for yourself}. |

1. Compound verbs that share an understood "you" can be explained as separate clauses (as they are here), or the second "you" may be left out -- as the understood subjects are in most situations with compound verbs.