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(Code and Color Key)

Phrasal Verbs
from Heidi by Johanna Spyri
Analysis Key

1. Oh [Inj], *you* look at the fir-trees (DO) {over there}! |

Alternatively: look {at the fir-trees}
2. The snow would soon cover up the cottage (DO). |

3. Suddenly Heidi took off her pretty dress (DO) and tied her old 

shawl (DO) {about her}. |

"took off" = "removed"
4. She is climbing up {with the goatherd}. |

5. The sun had lost its vigor (DO), | and the child had to put on her

shoes (DO) and stockings (DO) and her little dress (DO). |

6. A broad-shouldered man was just loading up large bags (DO). |

7. The old man now opened the door (DO), | and Heidi followed him

(DO) {into a fairly spacious room}, [Adj. to "room" which took in the entire

expanse (DO) {of the hut}]. |

"took in" = "extended" or "filled"
8. You look like Peter (PN). |
"look like" = "resemble," alternatively: look {like Peter}
9. The grandfather soon had mended the cottage (DO); | often he 

would take down big loads (DO) {of timber}. |

"take down" = "unload"
10. Heidi's tale was interrupted (P) suddenly {by a great thumping} {on the 

door}; | and who should come in {but Peter}. |

"come in" = "enter"