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(Code and Color Key)

A Study in the Subjunctive Mood
from Heidi by Johanna Spyri
Analysis Key

1. It would not be so hard (PA), [Adv. to "not" if he were {like other mortals}]. |

2. [Adv. to "not" If grandfather were here], he would fasten it (DO). |

3. [DO "God be {with you},"] said the parson, and left him (DO) sadly. |

4. [Adv. to "not" If I were you (PN)], I would not have it brought [#1] 

{to court}. |

5. [Adv. (Condition) to "would have been" Had the cottage been exposed (P) 

{to the tempests}], it would have been a doubtful habitation (PN) {in its

state} {of decay}. |

6. I should do exactly the same thing (DO), [Adv. to "should do" if I were

left (P) alone {like that}]. |

7. I wish [DO the day were twice as [#2] long (PA)]. |

1. "It brought" is a construction rarely, if ever, discussed in grammar textbooks. In KISS, it can be explained in two ways. For one, it can be seen as an ellipsed infinitive phrase -- 'it *to be* brought." The infinitive phrase functions as the direct object of "would have." For the other, it can be viewed as a noun absolute that functions as the direct object of "would have." See KISS Level 5.8 - Noun Absolutes.
2. The adverb "twice" modifies the adverb "as," and the "as" implies what would be a following subordinate clause -- "as it is long."