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A Passage for Analysis:
The Opening of Chapter 15 - "Preparations for a Journey"
from Heidi by Johanna Spyri

     The kind doctor [Adj. to "doctor" who had sent Heidi (DO) home [NuA] {to

her beloved mountains}] was approaching the Sesemann residence (DO) {on a

sunny day} {in September}. | Everything {about him} was bright (PA) and

cheerful (PA), | but the doctor did not even raise his eyes (DO) {from the 

pavement} {to the blue sky above [#1]} . | His face was sad (PA) | [#2] and his

hair had turned very gray (PA) {since spring}. | A few months [NuA] ago the

doctor had lost his only daughter (DO), [Adj. to "daughter" who had lived 

{with him} {since his wife's early death}]. | The blooming girl had been his only joy

(PN), | and [Adv. (time)  to "was bowed down" since she had gone {from him}] [#3]

the ever-cheerful doctor was bowed (P) down {with grief}. |

     [Adv. (time)  to "bowed" When Sebastian opened the door (DO) {to the 

physician}]  [#3] he bowed very low, [Adv. (cause)  to "bowed" for the doctor 

made friends (DO) [Adv. (place)  to "made" wherever he went]]. |

1. "This "above" can be considered as either inside or outside the prepositional phrase. KISS analyzes it as an instance of ellipsis that means "to the blue sky *which was* above *him*."
2. Note that the two main clauses are joined by "and" without a preceding comma.
3. Contrary to the rules in some grammar books, in this sentence, and the following one, an initial adverbial clause is not set off by a comma.