The Printable KISS Grammar Workbooks The KISS Workbooks Anthology
A Focus on Gerundives
from Heidi by Johanna Spyri
1. Put parentheses ( ) around each prepositional phrase.
2. Underline subjects once, finite verbs twice, and label complements ("PN," "PA," "IO," "DO").
3. Place brackets around each subordinate clause. If the clause functions as a noun, label its function (PN, IO, DO, OP) above the opening bracket. If it functions as an adjective or adverb, draw an arrow from the opening bracket to the word that the clause modifies.
4. Put a vertical line at the end of every main clause.
5. Put a box around every gerund and gerundive. If it is a gerund (i.e., it functions as a noun) indicate its function over the box. If it is a gerundive, draw an arrow to the word it modifies.

1. Then he and Heidi together put the heavy sheet on the bed,

tucking the ends in well.

2. Heidi flew to the hearth, and bringing back the little stool, sat 

down on it.

3. Taking a long breath, she put down her little bowl.

4. The grandfather stood under the door, watching her, when 

suddenly a shrill whistle was heard.

5. Uttering a cry of joy, Heidi ran into the middle of the flock,

greeting her old friends.

6. In the middle of the night the grandfather got up, saying to

himself: "I am sure she is afraid."

7. Picking whole bunches of sparkling flowers to take home 

with her, she put them all into her little apron.

8. The goats, scenting the pungent herbs, also hurried up 

without delay.

9. Heidi, taking off her apron, rolled it tightly together and put it

beside Peter's bag.

10. Breaking off a piece of bread for herself, she gave Peter the rest.