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Rewriting Gerundives as Finite Verbs
and Finite Verbs as Gerundives
from Heidi by Johanna Spyri

A. Rewriting Gerundives as Finite Verbs

Directions: Rewrite each sentence by changing gerundives into finite verbs. 

1. Miss Rottenmeier, slowly getting up, approached the newcomers.

2. The grandfather, keeping his word, took Heidi down the following day with the same instructions as before.

3. Heidi, grasping the grandmother's outstretched hands, sat herself on a low stool at the old woman's feet and began to chat.

4. Following the maid, they found themselves in the study.

5. She quickly picked some fragrant herbs and holding them under the animal's nose, she said soothingly: "Come, come, Thistlefinch, and be sensible."

B. Rewriting  Finite Verbs as Gerundives

Directions: Rewrite each sentence by changing finite verbs into gerundives. 

1. Sebastian did not dare to show his rage otherwise and noisily opened the folding doors.

2. The housekeeper collected her wits after the great fright, and she then called for the servants.

3. Miss Rottenmeier, who had overheard the scene, approached the sobbing child.

4. Heidi quickly dried her tears and choked down her sobs.

5. When Peter arrived in the village late that day, he saw a large disputing crowd.