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(Code and Color Key)

Identifying Passive Verbs
Based on Heidi by Johanna Spyri
Analysis Key

1. {Across the room} a large kettle was suspended (P) {over the hearth},

and opposite [#1] {to it} a large door was sunk (P) {into the wall}. |

2. Climbing up the ladder [#2], she arrived {at a hayloft}, [Adj. to "hayloft"

which was filled (P) {with fresh and fragrant hay}]. |

3. Here a neat little bed was already prepared (P). |

4. The old goat was sold (P) {to somebody} {in Mayenfeld} two days [NuA] ago. |

5. This poor little girl was confined (P) {to her rolling-chair} and needed

companion (DO) {at her lessons}. |

6. The uncle's heart is filled (P) {with gratitude} too deep [#3] {for any words} 

[Adv. to "is filled" when the doctor tells him (IO) [DO that he will make 

ample provision (DO) {for the child}]]. |

7. Clara was highly entertained (P) {by these events}, and said: [DO "Heidi 

has not done it (DO) {on purpose} and must not be punished (P) ]." |

8. Only [Adv. to "could be heard" when she shrieked {for Sebastian}] could

her voice be heard (P). |

9. Mr. Sesemann had hardly left, [Adv. to "had left" when the grandmother's

visit was announced (P) {for the following day}]. |

10. {In the last week} {of Mrs. Sesemann's stay}, Heidi was called (P) again

{to the old lady's room}. |

1. "Opposite" is an adjective to "door."
2. "Ladder" is the direct object of the gerundive "Climbing." The gerundive phrase modifies "she."
3. "Deep" is a post-positioned adjective to "gratitude." See KISS Level 5.5 - Post-Positioned Adjectives.