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Rewriting Sentences with Noun Absolutes
Based on Heidi by Johanna Spyri

Rewrite each of the following sentences by changing the noun absolute into a clause (main or subordinate):

1. The guest holding the little girl by the hand, they wandered down the mountain-side.

2. Two strong porters came up the Alp, each carrying on his back a fresh, white bed.

3. He being sixty years old, and I only twenty-six, you can't expect me to give you an account of his early youth.

4. The children were ascending slowly in a zigzag way, Peter always knowing where to find all sorts of good grazing places for his goats.

5. "Because -- because it is broken and can never be mended again," Peter said, his knees tottering under him.

Rewrite each of the following sentences by changing a main (or subordinate) clause into a noun absolute :

1. Heidi waved her hand. Her eyes followed Clara till she had disappeared.

2. Heidi was soon in the mist of the goats, and she was pushed about among them.

3. In the evening she would cry quietly, because her heart was bursting with longing to go home.

4.  The boy readily took the things and followed Deta. His left arm was holding the bundle, and his right was swinging the stick.

5. Soon Peter arrived with the whole herd. The jolly Thistlefinch was ahead of all the others.