The Printable KISS Grammar Workbooks The KISS Workbooks Anthology
Commas in a Series
Based on
"How Perseus Vowed a Rash Vow" in
The Heroes, or Greek Fairy Tales For My Children
by Charles Kingsley
Illustrations by Howard Davie
1. Replace the missing commas.
2. Put parentheses ( ) around each prepositional phrase.
3. Underline subjects once, finite verbs twice, and label complements ("PN," "PA," "IO," "DO").

1. And Perseus and the good Dictys and his wife came to visit his 

mother every day at the temple of Athene.

2. Instead of falling Perseus floated and stood and ran along the sky.

3. Next Polydectes proclaimed a great feast and invited to it all the chiefs

and landowners and the young men of the island and among them Perseus.

4. He was not a righteous man, like Dictys; but greedy and cunning and cruel.

5. So Danae was made a slave and had to fetch water from the well and

grind in the mill and perhaps was beaten and wore a heavy chain, because

she would not marry that cruel king.

6. Through doubt and need danger and battle, I drive them.

7. And Perseus was brave and truthful gentle and courteous.

8. He was the most skillful of all in running and wrestling and boxing and in

throwing the quoit and the javelin and in rowing with the oar and in playing

on the harp.

9. Perseus's face grew very red as they pointed at him and smiled and 

whispered, "What has that foundling to give?"

10. Down to the cliffs he went and looked across the broad blue sea; and

he wondered if his dream were true and prayed in the bitterness of his soul.