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 (Code and Color Key)

Punctuating Sentences
Based on
The Heroes, or Greek Fairy Tales For My Children, by Charles Kingsley
Analysis Key

    Note how the difference between a period and an exclamation point is often simply the choice of the writer.

1. I can do this (DO) ! |

2. Where can I find the monster (DO) ? |

3. Is this your respect (PN) {for the Gods}, and thy mercy (PN) {to strangers

and widows} ? |

4. You shall die ! |

5. Perseus took his mother (DO) {to the temple} {of Athene} . |

6. Who are you (PN) , lady [DirA] ? |

7. But day [NuA] and night [NuA] Perseus saw {before him} the face (DO) {of

that dreadful woman}, {with [#1] the vipers} writhing [#2] {round her head} . |

8. And I will bring it (DO) ! |

9. Perseus [DirA], dare you face such a monster (DO) {as this}? |

10. Then Perseus would have spoken, | but the strange lady vanished, |

and he awoke. |

1. The comma before "with" cuts this phrase off from "woman" and sends it back to "face."
2. "Writhing" can be explained as a gerundive that modifies "vipers." (See KISS Level 4.) At KISS Level 5, some people will prefer to see "vipers writing" as the core of a noun absolute that functions as the object of "with." (See KISS Level 5.8 Noun Absolutes.)