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Subordinate Clauses as Main and Main as Subordinate
Based on
in The Heroes, or Greek Fairy Tales For My Children
by Charles Kingsley
Illustrations by Howard Davie

A. Rewriting Subordinate Clauses as Main Clauses

Directions: Rewrite each sentence by changing the finite verb in the subordinate clause into a finite verb in a main clause. (You can do this by creating two main clauses or by creating compound finite verbs in one main clause.)

1. You must go northward to the country of the Hyperboreans, who live beyond the pole, at the sources of the cold north wind.

2. When they grew up each tried to take away the other's share of the kingdom, and keep all for himself.

3. Poor Perseus, who grew mad with shame, hardly knew what he was saying.

4. Because you have risen up against your own blood, your own blood shall rise up against you.

5. She cared for no one but her boy, and her boy's father, whom she never hoped to see again.

B. Rewriting Main Clauses as Subordinate

Directions: Rewrite each sentence by changing a main clause into a subordinate clause.

1. He spoke and pointed to the babe.

2. You must find the three Gray Sisters. They have but one eye and one tooth between them.

3. He had no sword. He therefore caught up the stone hand-mill.

4. The Egyptians looked long for Perseus's return, but in vain, and worshipped him as a hero, and made a statue of him in Chemmis. It stood for many a hundred years.

5. You have sinned against your kindred. Therefore by your kindred you shall be punished.