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(Code and Color Key)

Adding Complements
From The Secret Garden, by Frances Hodgson Burnett
Analysis Key

1. The robin was very pert (PA) and lively (PA). |

2. She was making heaps (DO) {of earth and paths} {for a garden} [#1]. |

3. I am Mary Lennox (PN). |

4. You are going {to your uncle}. |

5. It actually gave Mary (IO) a queer feeling (DO) {in her heart}. |

6. They were obsequious (PA) and servile (PA). |

7. A man gave me (IO) a ride (DO) {in his cart}. |

8. He lives {in a great, big, desolate old house} {in the country}. |

9. Basil was a little boy (PN) {with impudent blue eyes and a turned-up nose}. |

10. But the flower-beds were bare (PA) and wintry (PA). |

1. Note that the prepositional phrase "for a garden" can be seen as explaining the purpose -- and thus as an adverb to "was making." It can, however, also easily be seen as modifying the "heaps" and/or "earth and paths." From this perspective it would function as an adjective. The same alternatives apply to "in her heart" in the fifth sentence.