The Printable KISS Grammar Workbooks The KISS Workbooks Anthology
(Code and Color Key)

Mixed Compounds
From The Secret Garden, by Frances Hodgson Burnett
Analysis Key

1. Do you want toys (DO), books (DO), dolls (DO)? |

2. Mary was imperious (PA) and Indian (PA), and {at the same time} 

     hot (PA) and sorrowful (PA). |

3. The spade, and hoe, and fork were very useful (PA). |

4. Sometimes the rook flapped his black wings (DO) and soared away

     {over the tree-tops} {in the park}. |

5. He was rather a nervous man (PN). |

6. Then she ran lightly {across the grass}, pushed open [#1] the slow old 

     door (DO) and slipped {through it} {under the ivy}. |

7. Sometimes I think [DO perhaps I'm a bird (PN), or a fox (PN), or a 

     rabbit (PN), or a squirrel (PN), or even a beetle (PN)] [#2] . |

8. A boy, and a fox, and a crow, and two squirrels, and a new-born

     lamb, are coming to see me [#3] this morning [NuA]. |

9. Dickon has brought the fox (DO) and the crow (DO) and the 

     squirrels (DO) and a  new-born lamb (DO). |

10. {In India} she had always been too hot (PA) and languid (PA) and

     weak (PA) to care [#4] much [NuA] {about anything}. |

1. In KISS Level 4, "open" is explained as a predicate adjective in an ellipsed infinitive construction -- "door *to be* open." That makes the entire "door open" the direct object of "pushed."
2. Remind students that KISS exercises are designed to present them with things they have not yet studied. They may be able to figure some of them out, but they are expected to make mistakes.
3. At this KISS level, I would accept "coming to see" as the verb phrase and "me" as its direct object. In KISS Level 4, students will learn that "me" is the direct object of the verbal (infinitive) "to see." The infinitive phrase functions as an adverb (of purpose) to "are coming."
4. Expect students to be confused here. In KISS Level 2.1.6, students will learn to distinguish finite verbs from verbals. "To care" is a verbal (infinitive) that functions as an adverb (of result) to "too."