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(Code and Color Key)

KISS Level 1.3 Mixed Complements
From the Writing of Sixth Graders
Analysis Key

1. That day was rainy (PA) and cold (PA). |

2. I was {in a cast} {for six months}. |

3. It is a great show (PN). |

4. He saved us (DO) {from a black bear}. |

5. We were cold (PA), | and the day was getting late (PA) [#1]. |

6. I gave you (IO) enough reasons (DO). |

7. His family lives {in the back} {of the house}. |

8. That's my first reason (PN). |

9. Boy Meets World teaches people (IO) important lessons (DO) {about life}. |

10. {On the way} back [#2] {to our camp} I heard a threatening growl (DO). |

1. Some people will see "late" as an adverb here, and I would accept that response. It depends on whether one sees "late" as answering the question "What?" or "When?'
2. "Back" clearly modifies "way," so it is an adjective to it.