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KISS Level 3.1.1 Compound Main Clauses
From the Writing of Sixth Graders
Analysis Key

1. I screamed {at him} | and he turned around. |

2. We followed the trail (DO), | and we got home [NuA]. |

3. This would not only raise enough money (DO) {for the show} [#1]

     but it would prove the show's popularity (DO). |

4. {To his surprise}, the idea worked, | and the bear went {after the stick}. |

5. We started to look [#2] around, | but we could not find a trace (DO)

     {of the path}. |

6. My name is Tommy (PN), | and I love the Disney shows (DO). |

7. This is my first year (PN) {in middle school}, | and I want a friend (DO). |

8. One day [NuA] my mother came over to visit [#3] | and I was swimming, | 

     and I hit my collar bone (DO) {on a brick} and broke it (DO). |

9. He tried to run [#4], | but his dad caught him (DO) {by the sleeve} {of his shirt}. |

10.  We gave the stray cat (IO) some food (DO), | and my mom called our 

     neighbors (DO). |

1. Alternatively, "for the show" can be explained as adverbial (purpose) to "would raise."
2. The verbal (infinitive) "to look" functions as the direct object of "started."
3. The verbal (infinitive) "to visit" functions as an adverb of purpose.
4. The verbal (infinitive) "to run" functions as the direct object of "tried."