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Rewriting Subordinate Clauses as Main
 and Main as Subordinate
From the Writing of Sixth Graders
A. Rewriting Subordinate Clauses as Main Clauses

Directions: Rewrite each sentence by changing the finite verb in the subordinate clause into a finite verb in a main clause. (You can do this by creating two main clauses or by creating compound finite verbs in one main clause.)

1. When I turned around, I almost wrecked the four-wheeler.

2. There are lots of floors and halls that all look the same.

3. My brother, who is 15 years old, is in high school.

4. After I broke my arm and shoulder, I didn't run for a week.

5. The fund raiser, which worked well, had raised 1,200,396 dollars.

B. Rewriting Main Clauses as Subordinate

Directions: Rewrite each sentence by changing a main clause into a subordinate clause.

1. We were in the hospital, and my mother and father said "Stick in there."

2. I know a lot of adults. They enjoy the show also.

3. They climbed out on the roof, and George screamed.

4. She had just come from her doctor's. There she found out she had cancer.

5. I was taking the hose over to the wheelbarrow and my cousin was walking over and tripped on the hose and hit her head on the wheelbarrow.