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Horse Sense
Analysis Key

     My favorite show is "Horse Sense." (PN) | "Why?" (DO) might you

ask | [ [#1] Because it is a funny show (PN).] | And it has horses (DO) {in

it}. | And I like horses (DO). | It is {about two cousins} (PN). | They 

have to get along {with each other}. | Their names are Andy (PN) and

Matthew Lawrence (PN). | Andy works {on a farm}. | Matt is a rich guy 

(PN) [Adj. to "guy" who lives {in Washington D.C.}] | Matt has to go work

{on the farm} [Adv. to "has to go" because he got {in trouble} {at his house}] |

and he has to go {to the farm} and help them (IO) work [#2]. | Andy and

his mom are going to lose the ranch (DO) [Adv. to "are going to lose"  if

Matt doesn't help them (IO) get money [#3].] | But Matt has no clue (DO)

{about what to do [#4]}. |

1. In discussing clauses with students, I would point out that this is a fragment, but it is an acceptable one. It modifies the first main clause in the passage, and it is separated from it because the writer wanted to raise the rhetorical question, "'Why?' might you ask?" The easiest way to "correct" this fragment would be to precede it with something such as "It is because . . ." But that would add words that are basically repetitious.
2. "Work" is a verbal (infinitive) that functions as the direct object of "help."
3. "Money" is the direct object of the verbal (infinitive) "get." The infinitive phrase functions as the direct object of "help."
4. The verbal (infinitive) "to do" functions as an adjective to "what," which is the object of the preposition "about."

Notes for and from the Pennsylvania 2000-2001 
Writing Assessment Handbook Supplement

     This is a sample based on Prompt #2 for "Style" with an assessment of 1. The handwriting is legible. There are a few spelling and punctuation errors.
      The reasons given in the Supplement for the assessment of 1 are: 

There is minimal word choice in this paper about "horse sense." The frequent use of "And" and poor control of sentence formation critically detract from the tone and voice. (p. 34)
Because errors are corrected in the versions used for exercises, and because this received a "1" for style, the following is a more accurate transcript of the text:
My favorite show is horse Sense. Why might you ask. Because it is a funny show. And it has horses in it. And i like hourses. It is about two cousins. have to get a long with each other. And there names are Andy and Mathew larwence. And Andy work on a farm. And Matt is a rich guy how lives in washiton D.C. And Matt has to go work on the farm. Because he got in trouble at his house and he has to go to the farm and help them work. And Andy and his mom are going to lose the ranch if Matt don't help them get money. and Matt has no clue what to do.