The Printable KISS Workbooks The KISS Workbooks Anthology
Person, Number, and Case

Adapted from
English for Use -- Book Three
by John H. Beveridge, Belle M. Ryan,
& William D. Lewis
Philadelphia, 1926: 
The John C. Winston Company, 220.

Directions: In the sentences below, twenty pronouns are numbered and in bold. In the following table, write the person, number, case, and antecedent (if there is one) of each numbered pronoun. If there is no antecedent, write "U" for "unknown." (Remember that possessive pronouns, like possessive nouns, can function as adjectives.)

1. "I gave my (1) pencil to him (2)," said John.

2. We (3) shared our (4) gifts with the children next door.

3. "You (5) and your (6) parents are invited to the entertainment," said the teacher.

4. John waved to his (7) friend as he (8) passed his door.

5. She laughed gaily when her friends told her (9) some of their (10) funny experiences.

6. Our (11) flag made a lovely picture as its (12) brilliant folds fluttered in the breeze.

7. Give credit to them (13); it is truly theirs (14).

8. "I believe you," said the mother, "for I (15) have never known you (16) to deceive me."

9. My (17) brother and I earned the money with which we bought our (18) gifts.

10. Father let us (19) decide for ourselves (20), whether we should go or stay.
1. my        
2. him        
3. We        
4. our        
5.  You        
6. your        
7. his        
8. he        
9. her        
10. their        
11. Our        
12. its        
13. them        
14. theirs        
15. I        
16. you        
17. My        
18. our        
19. us        
20. ourselves