The Printable KISS Workbooks The KISS Workbooks Anthology
(Code and Color Key)

Person, Number, and Case
Adapted from
English for Use -- Book Three
Analysis Key

1. my  first  singular  (possessive) I
2. him  third  singular  objective U
3. We  first  plural nominative U
4. our  first  plural  (possessive) We
5.  You  second singular or plural  nominative U
6. your  second  singular or plural  (possessive) You
7. his  third  singular  (possessive) John
8. he  third  singular  nominative U [#1]
9. her  third  singular  objective She
10. their  third  plural  (possessive) friends
11. Our  first  plural  (possessive) U
12. its  third  singular  (possessive) flag
13. them  third  plural  objective U
14. theirs  third  plural  possessive (PN) them
15. I  first  singular  nominative mother
16. you  second  singular or plural  objective U
17. My  first  singular  (possessive) U
18. our  second  plural  (possessive) brother & I
19. us  first  plural  objective U
20. ourselves  first  plural  objective us


#1. The antecedent of this "he" could be either "John" or his "friend."