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Some Common Prefixes

Based on
Lessons in English: Higher Course
Pupil's Edition. New York: William H. Sadlier, 1893

     The following are common prefixes:

Re- signifies back, again; as, reenter, to enter again
Sub, suc, suf,
sup, sus-
signify under, after; as suffix, to fix after
Super- sur- signify over, above, beyond; as, surmount, to mount above
Trans- tra- signify across, otherwise; as, transpose, to place otherwise

Directions: Use the prefixes above to make other words from the following words and roots. Indicate the part of speech of the words that you make.

port transport (N or V) -vert reversion (N)
edit _______________ structure _______________
-fer _______________ lease _______________
position _______________ action _______________
charge _______________ -tain _______________
fix _______________ -late _______________
-vive _______________ -mit _______________
name _______________ division _______________
vision _______________ plant _______________
-cess _______________ -vise _______________