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Suffixes for Making Adjectives:
Based on
Lessons in English: Higher Course
Pupil's Edition. New York: William H. Sadlier, 1893

     Suffixes that express the quality of a thing, of what it is made, or what it contains, are:

-ine Saline, having the qualities of a salt
-ous, -eous, 
-ious, -uous
Glorious, having the quality of glory
-en Wooden, made of wood
-ed Bigoted, having the qualities of a bigot
-ory Declamatory, containing declamation
-ive Defective, containing defects
-id Candid, having the quality of candor
-ate Compassionate, having the quality of compassion

Directions: Form adjectives with the above suffixes.

fervor fervid male masculine
brass _______________ promise _______________
splendor _______________ malice _______________
wool _______________ age _______________
alkali _______________ plenty _______________
beauty _______________ lead _______________
divinity _______________ abuse _______________
conceit _______________ talent _______________
crystal _______________ fame _______________
pomp _______________ ambition _______________