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Suffixes for Making Adjectives:
(Power, Potential)
Based on
Lessons in English: Higher Course
Pupil's Edition. New York: William H. Sadlier, 1893

     Suffixes that express the power to do, causing, or producing, are:

-ive Productive, having the power to produce
-ant, -ent Pleasant, producing pleasure
-ory Compulsory, having the power to compel
-ing Amusing, producing amusement
-fic Terrific, Causing terror
-iferous Floriferous, producing flowers
-ite Definite, having bounds

Suffixes that express that may be, are:

-able Tamable, that may be tamed
-ible Resistible, that may be resisted
-ile Docile, easily taught

Directions: Form adjectives by means of the above suffixes.

buoy buoyant create creative
imitate _______________ abhor _______________
metal _______________ pend _______________
progress _______________ divert _______________
change _______________ odor _______________
dolor _______________ tense _______________
peace _______________ corrode _______________
divide _______________ soothe _______________
luxury _______________ utter _______________
satisfy _______________ oppose _______________
serve _______________ species _______________
heal _______________ sense _______________
decide _______________ prevail _______________
detest _______________ assist _______________
repel _______________ admit _______________
solve _______________ forgive _______________
access _______________ cone _______________
depend _______________ eat _______________