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Suffixes for Making Adjectives:
Based on
Lessons in English: Higher Course
Pupil's Edition. New York: William H. Sadlier, 1893

     Suffixes which denote relation to a thing, are:

-aI, -ial Provincial, relating to a province
-ar Polar, relating to the poles
-ary Planetary, relating to a planet
-an, -ian Collegian, relating to a college
-ile Infantile, pertaining to an infant
-ic, -ical Romantic, pertaining to romance

     Suffixes which denote abounding in, full of, are:

-ful Fruitful, abounding with fruit
-ose, -ous Verbose, abounding in words
-some Troublesome, full of trouble
-y, -ey Hilly, abounding in hills

     The suffix that expresses without, destitute of, is -less; as, Hopeless, without hope.

Form adjectives by means of the suffixes.

circle circular patriot patriotic
youth _______________ botany _______________
spirit _______________ peril _______________
nature _______________ mourn _______________
honor _______________ essence _______________
giant _______________ home _______________
globe _______________ feast _______________
single _______________ autumn _______________
joke _______________ toil _______________
quarrel _______________ insect _______________
life _______________ flower _______________
truth _______________ suburbs _______________
science _______________ frolic _______________
cloud _______________ emblem _______________
peace _______________ clergy _______________
muscle _______________ pore _______________
friend _______________ herb _______________
humor _______________ play _______________