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May 29 1943)
Norman Rockwell
Suffixes for Making Adjectives:
Based on
Lessons in English: Higher Course
Pupil's Edition. New York: William H. Sadlier, 1893

     Suffixes that express likeness, similarity, are:

-ish, -ly Childish, like a child; fatherly, like a father

     The suffix -ly added to words expressing periods of time, signifies every; as, daily, every day;. monthly, every month,. hourly, every hour.

Suffixes which, joined to a proper name, form proper adjectives, are:

-ch, -ish, -ic France, French; Spain, Spanish; Plato, Platonic
-ian, -n, -ean Newton, Newtonian; Russia, Russian; Pyrenees, Pyrenean
-ese, -ine,
-ote, -ite
China, Chinese; Alp, Alpine; Morea, Moreote

     Suffixes which, joined to an adjective, express diminution, are:

-ish, -some Red, reddish: glad, gladsome.

Form adjectives by means of the above suffixes.

mother motherly Genoa Genoese
Cicero _______________ clown _______________
Ireland _______________ Socrates _______________
coward _______________ Greece _______________
prince _______________ Ptolemy _______________
heathen _______________ Levant _______________
Asia _______________ Wales _______________
Heaven _______________ Corfu _______________
white _______________ Portugal _______________
brother _______________ purple _______________
Goth _______________ drone _______________
Africa _______________ Flanders _______________
whole _______________ blithe _______________
matron _______________ Scotland _______________
thief _______________ yellow _______________