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The Prisoner
Evelyn De Morgan
(British, 1850-1919) 
Suffixes for Making Nouns:
(State of Being, Condition, Quality)
Based on
Lessons in English: Higher Course
Pupil's Edition. New York: William H. Sadlier, 1893

     Suffixes that denote the state of being, or the condition, the quality, are:

-ness Happiness, the state of being happy.
-ity, -ty, -ety Scarcity, frailty, the state of being scarce, frail.
-th Health, the state of being healthy.
-tude Promptitude, the state of being prompt.
-ice Justice, the state of being just.
-ce Silence, the state of being silent.
-cy, -acy Accuracy, the state of being accurate.
-y Honesty, the state of being honest.
-mony Acrimony, the state of being acrid or sour.
-hood Childhood, the state of a child.
-ship Friendship, the state of a friend.
-dom Kingdom, the state of a king.
-ry, -y Beggary, the state of a beggar.

Form nouns by means of the above suffixes.

true truth loyal loyalty
free _______________ hard _______________
deep _______________ obstinate _______________
green _______________ strong _______________
anxious _______________ apt _______________
vain _______________ merry _______________
special _______________ boy _______________
quiet _______________ modest _______________
gay _______________ young _______________
false _______________ warm _______________
noisy _______________ wise _______________
brave _______________ equal _______________
solid _______________ coward _______________
benefit _______________ delicate _______________
ample _______________ prudent _______________