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Edvard Munch
Suffixes for Making Nouns:
(Office, Place, Collection)
Based on
Lessons in English: Higher Course
Pupil's Edition. New York: William H. Sadlier, 1893

     Suffixes that denote office, jurisdiction, or character, are:

-ate Patriarchate, the jurisdiction of a patriarch.
-dom Kingdom, the dominions of a king,
-ship Professorship, the office of a professor.
-hood Priesthood, the office of a priest.
-cy, -acy, -y Presidency, the office of a president.

     Suffixes which denote place or a collection of objects are:

-ary Library, a collection of books, a place to keep books.
-ery Fishery, a place for fishing,
-ory Armory, a place to keep arms.
-ry, -y Vestry, a place to keep vestments.
-ing Clothing, a collection of clothes.
-age Plumage, a collection of feathers.

Directions: Give the nouns formed with the above suffixes.

clerk clerkship grain granary
widow _______________ peasant _______________
knight _______________ monarch _______________
protector _______________ consul _______________
hermit _______________ dispense _______________
observe _______________ deposit _______________
baron _______________ infirm _______________
bound _______________ mile _______________