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Suffixes That Denote People

Based on
Lessons in English: Higher Course
Pupil's Edition. New York: William H. Sadlier, 1893

     Suffixes that indicate the author of an action, the person who is devoted to a profession or skilled in it, are:

-er, -yer Reader, Sawyer, one who reads, saws.
-eer, -ier Auctioneer, one who sells by auction.
-ar, -ard Beggar, Dotard, one who begs, dotes.
-or Creator, one who creates.
-ant, -ent President, Student, one who presides. studies.
-an, -ian Musician, one skilled in music.
-ster Spinster, one who spins.
-ist Artist, one skilled in an art.
-ive Fugitive, one who flees.
-ary Missionary, one sent on a mission.
-ate Delegate, one who is sent.
-ee Trustee, one to whom something is entrusted.

1. Give the name of the person.

law lawyer combat combatant
refer _______________ mutiny _______________
school _______________ adverse _______________
refuge _______________ compete _______________
dull _______________ assail _______________
conspire _______________ adhere _______________
violin _______________ preside _______________
library _______________ natural _______________
journal _______________ assist _______________
oppose _______________ capture _______________
trick _______________ chariot _______________

2. Replace the italicized words with nouns that refer to people.

a. Religious missions in pagan lands have often to encounter obstacles raised by the greed of European traffic.
b. Without the telescope, astronomy would know nothing of innumerable worlds that lie beyond the range of the human eye.
c. The structure, classification, growth, and use of plants is the study of botany.
d. Skillful arts can transform the coarsest materials into objects of luxury.