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Suffixes for Making Verbs
Based on
Lessons in English: Higher Course
Pupil's Edition. New York: William H. Sadlier, 1893
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Edouard Manet

     The following suffixes usually turn adjectives or nouns into verbs.

-en Darken, to make dark
-ate Domesticate, to render domestic
-fy, -ify Simplify, to render simple
-ish Publish, to make public
-ite Unite, to make one
-e Breathe, to make or draw breath
-se Cleanse, to make clean
-le Crumble, to reduce to crumbs
-ise, -ize Solemnize, to keep or render solemn

Form a verb from the noun or the adjective.

life live clear clarify
emphasis _______________ vacant _______________
weak _______________ disbelief _______________
deceptive _______________ successful _______________
cloth _______________ shelf _______________
strength _______________ interesting _______________
captive _______________ equal _______________
obedient _______________ different _______________
rough _______________ analysis _______________
origin _______________ fertile _______________

Deflating Inflated Balloons

    Forms of the verb "to be" make wordy sentences -- inflated balloons.

Directions: Change the predicate adjective or predicate noun into a verb and rewrite the sentence using that verb instead of the S/V/PA (or PN) pattern.

Example: He is not the owner of any books. = He does not own any books.

1. This story is interesting to me.

2. He is very deceptive.

3. Students should be obedient to their teachers.

4. You have been successful in your attempt.

5. My impression is different from yours.