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Suffixes for Making Verbs
from Nouns and Adjectives
Based on
Lessons in English: Higher Course
Pupil's Edition. New York: William H. Sadlier, 1893
The Laundress
c. 1860-61
Honoré Daumier

     Verbs can be formed from nouns or adjectives.

1. Without change; as, smoke, to smoke; warm, to warm.
2. By giving a flat sound to some letters, without altering the spelling of the word; as, mouth, mouth; close, close.
3. By changing a sharp consonant to a corresponding flat one; as, grass, to graze; half, to halve.
4. By changing the position of the accent; as, ob'ject, to object'; fre'quent, to frequent'.
5. By adding a suffix; as, sign, signify; sweet, sweeten.
6. In a few instances, by adding a prefix; as, dim, bedim; power, overpower.
Find the verb corresponding to the given word.
brass braze rebel rebel'
grief _______________ excuse _______________
advice _______________ prophecy _______________
proof _______________ belief _______________
convert _______________ attribute _______________
perfume _______________ rise _______________
conflict _______________ glass _______________
relief _______________ smooth _______________
grease _______________ device _______________
strife _______________ price _______________
reproof _______________ thief _______________
project _______________ practice _______________