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KISS Grammar 
An Exercise on Commas in a Series
From: Growth in English: Seventh Year
Analysis Key

1. Spinach, lettuce, and cabbage are leafy vegetables (PN). |

2. Trunks, bags, and boxes were piled (P) {in the hallway}. |

3. Longfellow, Whittier, and Lowell were American poets (PN). |

4. {Beside the house} stood a blind man, a little girl, and a dog. |

5. Heat, darkness, and silence made the night insufferable [#1]. |

6. The man was tired (PA), weak (PA), and sick (PA). |

7. The princess was beloved (P) {by men, women, and children}. |

8. China exports rice (DO), tea (DO), and silk (DO). |

9. The cargo consists {of iron ore, coal, and lumber}. |

10. The Panama Canal saves time (DO), money (DO), and distance (DO). |

1. Until they get to ellipsed infinitives, expect students to mark "night" as the direct object. Many of them, however, will naturally feel that "insufferable" goes with it (as it does). The KISS explanation here is that "insufferable" is a predicate adjective after an ellipsed infinitive, the subject of which is "night" -- "night *to be* insufferable." This infinitive construction functions as the direct object of "made."