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KISS Grammar 

Replacing Nouns with Pronouns

From: Growth in English: Seventh Year

1. Replace the nouns in bold type with pronouns.
2. Underline subjects once, finite verbs twice.

1. "I told Mary that Helen would help Mary," said Helen.

2. What time will James be ready, James?

3. The wife of the witness sat behind the witness.

4. Mary and Jane said Mary and Jane would serve on the committee.

5. The captain told the men that the men must be ready at dawn.

6. The leader insisted that the leader had given the correct command.

7. Jack had the measles and Jack was very sick.

8. Anna washed and ironed Anna's dress.

9. The train is coming. We can hear the train.

10. Mother promised Jean and Jerry that mother would take Jean and

     Jerry to the fair.