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KISS Grammar 
Replacing Nouns with Pronouns
From: Growth in English: Seventh Year
Analysis Key

1. [DO "I told Mary (IO) [DO that I would help her (IO),"]] said Helen. |

2. What time [#1] will you be ready (PA), James [DirA]? |

3. The wife {of the witness} sat {behind him}. |

4. Mary and Jane said [DO they would serve {on the committee}]. |

5. The captain told the men (IO) [DO that they must be ready (PA) {at dawn}]. |

6. The leader insisted [DO that he had given the correct command (DO)]. |

7. Jack had the measles (DO) | and he was very sick (PA). |

8. Anna washed and ironed her dress (DO). |

9. The train is coming. | We can hear it (DO). |

10. Mother promised Jean (IO) and Jerry (IO) [DO that she would take 

     them (DO) {to the fair}]. |

1. "Time" can be explained as a Noun Used as an Adverb [See KISS Level 2.3.] or as the object of an ellipsed preposition "At."