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KISS Grammar Exercises Based on
Introductory Lessons in English Grammar For Use in Intermediate Grades
By Wm. H. Maxwell, M.A.
L1.1 # 20
Personal Pronouns and Adjectives
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Directions: Fill the blanks with suitable pronouns or adjectives, and tell the person, number, and case of each. If a pronoun has an antecedent, draw an arrow from the pronoun to its antecedent.

1. Come with me, and __________ will show __________ where a robin has 

__________ nest.

2. “__________ am glad __________ have come,” said Fred to Frank, “and 

__________ hope __________ may play together as __________ did yesterday.”

3. Gustave came across the sea to this country with __________ wife, 

__________ daughters, and __________ little son.

4. “It’s well __________ ran into the garden,”

          Said Eddie, __________ face all aglow;

    “For what do __________ think, Mamma, happened?

        __________ never will guess it, __________ know.”

5. The man took off __________ hat and coat and laid __________ on a chair.

6. “Oh, dear Papa,” the children cried, “__________ promised to take 

__________ with __________ on __________ next ride.”